Founded in Ville-sur-Arce in 1956 by five pioneers, the Chassenay d’Arce House now counts some 130 families and three generations of winemakers. The original operations endure, with the same spirit of cooperation, solidarity and knowledge sharing.

The Chassenay d’Arce wine region covers 315 hectares and 12 villages in the heart of the Côte des Bar, along the Arce River. Shaped by a unique landscape alternating between vineyards and forests, it is also characterized by our diverse varieties and by the integrated cultivation that we practice.

The spirit of the House is a combination of a family spirit, the spirit of the terroir and the high standards shared by our winemakers to ensure we produce only champagnes of the greatest quality.



Chassenay d’Arce champagnes are an expression of the specific terroir of the Côte des Bar and its Kimmeridgian soil that was once covered by the sea. As the seasons pass, the vine trunks grow, the clusters take on color and the vintages are developed…

The Arce Valley is located at the southern end of Champagne, close to Burgundy. The mild climate, the grapevines’ exposure and the types of soils (here, the roots of our vine stock digs into stony marl) allow us to harvest the fruit at full maturity towards the end of summer. 

The dominant variety in this region is Pinot Noir. We also grow Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Blanc, the old Champagne variety. This diversity allows us to produce wines with a wide array of personalities. 

All year long, each trunk is pampered and shaped to ensure it gives the best of itself and the most generous grapes.


We are currently in the process of converting to earn the Sustainable Winegrowing label.
Based on a strict set of specifications, this certification is audited by AFNOR, the independent French standardization association, every 18 months. It is based on standard ISO 26000, the international reference recognized by more than 100 countries for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We advocate for a global vision built on four fundamental pillars:

– Taking action for the environment
– Guaranteeing quality from grapevine to glass
– Supporting the region and local heritage
– Offering fair prices to producers and consumers.

With our target of achieving certification in March 2021, we work daily to naturally apply this strategy, which takes tangible form in our actions and investments:

– With the support of a wine adviser, our winegrowers have been using integrated cultivation techniques for many years now, with more than half of our grapevines currently undergoing conversion
– Our first Organic vintage (2013) was released in 2019, with more to follow
– Three charging stations, including two for Teslas, have been installed for electric cars.

More than just an environmental approach, this is a true corporate philosophy that we proudly champion.

For more information: www.sustainable-winegrowing.org